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Holistic Health

Kapha Dosha

Exploring Kapha Dosha – the principle of growth and protection. Combining the earth and water elements and learning to balance these natural Ayurvedic rhythms…

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Pitta Dosha

Understaning the fire energies of Pitta and how to nourish and manage your personal Pitta rhythms…

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Holistic Health continued

Vata Dosha

What is your dosha? Understanding Vata…

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Winter Ayurvedic Wisdom

A suggested daily Ayurvedic routine for winter to keep you warm, calm and balanced…

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Ayurveda and the Pancmahabhuta

The Doshas and The Five Great Elements of Life

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Art of the Barefoot Massage

Chavutti Thirumal is principally applied with the bare foot

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Restoring Rasa

Rasa is the “sacred juice” that sustains our life

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Treating Seasonal Imbalances with Ayurveda

Autumn is a time when the Air element (vayu) is predominant, so autumn is a time to balance vata by following practices and lifestyle regimes that help reduce symptoms of wind, dryness and indecisive behaviour…

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A Clearer Vision – Yoga for Healthy Eyes

The movement of the eyes affects the brain and influences our moods. Ajna, the Third Eye,is the control centre and gateway to the higher mind, and all the optic nerves are linked. So, let’s start giving our eyes their due share of attention…

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Ayurveda and The Five Elements

Understanding the Ayurvedic constitution and the five elements of life – water, fire, earth, ether and air

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