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Yantra – Secret Tools of Manifestation

The secret of yantra is one of the most guarded forms of Hindu mystical teaching, since the power of a yantra, when invoked through proper ritual, is believed to be boundless. Every need, every expression, every deep-seated desire in the human heart can be expressed in the form of a yantra. It’s a pure form of energy that’s beyond both religion and theory and its powers are available to all, says Dr H. Vedant

Throughout the process of evolution man has always found ways to guard and secure himself by using cosmic forces. History offers us infinite insights and instances of people who’ve employed these forces of nature to their advantage in the form of talismans, yantras and various other mystic charms. Primarily, every culture has some form of mystic symbol or a secret language that we recognise by different names. Similarly, the realm of tantra is filled with several mystic tools and enchantments that serve and steer us to manifest our desires. One such manifestation tool is yantra.

What is Yantra?
The Sanskrit term yantra originates from “yan” or “yam” meaning “medium” and “tra” meaning “instrument” or “tool”. Yantra is an instrument, apparatus or an amulet endowed with protective powers. Yantras are the visual equivalents of the mantras or thought forms. They are classified and subdivided into various forms, shapes and patterns; however, its ultimate purpose is to unite us with our higher selves.

Yantra holds supreme status among all mystic sciences and disciplines. Tantric gurus have collectively declared yantra as the best medium for manifestation and wish fulfilment. Yantras possess the ability to express the inner aspect of any form of creation. Every tree and every flower is a yantra and through its form, colour and smell, describes the origin of its manifestation.

People frequently use the term “yantra” “talisman” and “mandala” interchangeably. It makes no difference in the end what you call them, just as long as you choose the correct yantra to manifest a specific purpose. The yantras are engraved on a thin sheet of metal such as gold, silver or copper and, according to the Ahirbudhnya Samhita, the metal used to devise a yantra, has a substantial impact on its results.

Use of Yantra
Yantra attunes us with the powers of the deity and thereby adds that missing ingredient to our often sterile lives. It’s vital that you use the yantra with faith and inner belief and that your needs are known in the inner spiritual worlds. Yantras are objects designed to give specific power, protection, encouragement and energy to the user. They are generally used to provide specific results and are usually devised for accomplishing or manifesting a specific purpose.

Types of Yantras
Yantras are broadly classified into four types: yantras of deities – for example Shree Yantra and Mahavidya Yantra; astrological yantras – to harness the energies of the nine major planets; architectural yantras – used for the ground plans of temples and numerical yantras – comprising a select combination of numbers that are generally used as talismans.

How Yantras Work – Exploring Yantra Dynamics
Yantras are energy mapping machines. It is a blueprint that radiates a specific frequency due to its unique geometric construction. When focusing or meditating on a yantra, the mind automatically comes into alignment and resonates to the particular energy of the yantra. This sequence of resonance is magnified as one consistently meditates over it.

Yantras act as a reservoir of divine energies. It is a medium through which the invincible energy acts on an individual. This channelled energy possesses an intense power to attract and manifest desired experiences. The diagrams of yantras are representative of time and space which is clearly visible in the most celebrated yantra, the Shree Yantra.

Yantra Yoga
Yantra yoga is one of the ancient techniques of yoga that exists in the world today. It emphasizes the visualisation of yantra and involves the usage of these symbolic diagrams as a central point of concentration. It works with the breathing to regulate the individual’s energy and ultimately brings you closer to the desired outcome. If a mantra is chanted while visualising the yantra, the momentum is increased several-fold. The effectiveness of the exercise depends on concentration and visualisation ability.

Significance of Yantra in Modern Times
Primitive people began wearing amulets and yantras to protect themselves from an often frightening world. Yantra guarded the user from enemies, animals and provided protection against the evil eye. In our modern societies, our fears, needs and challenges are more sophisticated in nature. In this age we are tortured by inflation, crime, natural and man-made disasters. There are the ever expanding inner demons such as anxiety, frustrations and mental illness too, to name but a few. The use of yantra in present day is therefore much more relevant than ever before. In today’s fast paced life where one craves to achieve definite results in the shortest possible time, yantras are a fitting answer. Yantra is a tool that can boost us and lead us rapidly towards desire fulfilment.

How are Yantras Energised?
The traditional tantric methods of purifying yantra involve various intricate steps. Energisation is one of the most crucial steps– from inscribing a yantra to infusing it with prana (energy), it involves various stages. When we perform the puja (ritual) on the yantra, we are attracting the attention of the deity and inviting their subtle bodies to inhabit the yantra. Preparing a yantra, infusing the mantra and energising it, is performed in a single uninterrupted sequence. Here, the mystic codes, numerals and symbols are engraved on a metal piece. Later, by chanting the primordial sound (beej mantras), lighting celestial fire, offering sanctified water and vapours of herbs, the deity is invoked and invited to reside in the yantra. Only after this ritual, are you capable of manifesting your desired objective. To obtain 100 percent benefits from the yantra you have to make sure that it is energised, sanctified, consecrated and customised by learned pundits. The yantra is activated by tantrics through complex meditative techniques which cannot be satisfactorily used in a Western environment. In such cases, the help of a Vedic priest or a yantra expert is advisable.

Yantras are formulated at spiritually and cosmically significant occasions. This is done on a specific day when planetary forces are favourable for devising a specific yantra. For instance, if you have relationship issues then a yantra devised on Friday will be much more effective and will bestow faster results. Similarly if it’s a yantra for wealth and prosperity like Shree Yantra, energising it on a day like Diwali will be beneficial as its impact is increased several-fold.

At this point we must stop and ask some very natural questions: Do yantras really work? Do they truly possess the power to navigate the course of destiny? Do they really influence and alter the circumstances around us? The answer is, yes! Yantras have stood the test of time and became well known for their benefits. Obviously, if yantra had failed to produce the desired results, they would have been forgotten long ago. Yantras are manifestations of the universal forces and the fate that created all that is, all that was, and all that has the potential of being.

Yantra Trap – Beware of Fake Yantras
There’s a lot of flimsy, false and fraudulent junk being hawked in the name of yantra and it becomes difficult to determine what you are actually getting. Shree Yantra and Mahalakshmi Yantra are quite admired these days but unfortunately these yantras are being sold by unscrupulous online vendors. During my research, I tested some of these yantras and the results were alarming, as only a few focused on the quality of the metal, the geometric construction was incorrect in most cases, the image inscribed was vague and energisation hardy performed. Remember, geometric construction is the prime ingredient of the yantra; if that is inaccurate then the yantra is merely a piece of metal.

By Dr H. Vedant

Dr H. Vedant is the President of Apsra School of Ancient Science (ASAS), a practicing yantra therapist and an expert in Oriental studies. His study in to the realm of yantra and mantra therapy has helped and healed many people. Dr Vedant can be reached on For more details visit and www.

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  • carl huggins said:

    I will like to know the name of books that give simple instructions, as to the use of yantras

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